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If you are reading this then it is probably winter time! Which means it is colder outside then it is inside (thank goodness) but this can also lead to condensation on your windows due to the change in temperature and the locked in humidity within your home.

Here are a few helpful hints to help reduce this bothersome winter trait.

1. Make sure you are always using your bathroom exhaust fans. It is recommended to turn the bathroom fan on 20 minutes before you shower and to leave it on up to 60 minutes after you shower to help eliminate that additional moisture introduced to your home.

2. Reduce or eliminate the use of humidifiers. Yes these are great for when we are sick and help reduce that tickle in the throat or cough keeping you up at night but they also add moisture into the air.

3. Since air circulation is key to help reduce condensation, use your ceiling fans if installed and make sure they are turning clockwise for best results in the winter.

4. If window treatments of any sort are installed, make sure they are left open slightly in order to allow the air to move. This might be lifting the shades just a bit or opening the curtains to help allow the circulation needed to reduce the condensation.

5. Increase your air exchanger if installed (all Silver Line Custom Homes home owners) ... as new homes are built much more air tight then the homes of the past, especially homes using spray foam insulation. During the winter this extra circulation is needed to help maintain the same balance as the rest of the year.

6. Use the kitchen fan, even if not vented to the outside will help circulate the air helping to move the fresh air that comes in around.

7. Check out this great article I found that goes over these helpful tips and remember it may seem worrisome but its due to the energy efficiency of your home. Learning how to regulate the humidity within your home during all the seasons, especially for us in in the midwest with our wonderful, drastic seasonal changes.


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