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  • Amanda Wolf


Who doesn't right,? Well, now that I got your attention; I am not talking dollars, I am talking about plastic waste cause when you purchase a Silver Line Custom Home, you are helping to reduce the number of plastic bottles that end up in the landfill.

As we strive for better building practices and reducing our carbon footprint with the homes we build, we were ecstatic to know that the spray foam manufacture we partner with, Huntsman Building Solutions, uses recycled plastic in their spray foam insulation.

On average a home insulated with Huntsman spray foam is 4000 recycled PET bottles ... meaning that is 4000 less plastic bottles in the landfill! This helps to make up the 250 MILLION recycled PET plastic bottles per year saved from the gross heaping pile of trash on the outside of town. You know the pile I am talking about.

To find out more, visit Huntsman Building Solutions or contact a Silver Line Custom Homes team member at


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