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It is almost that crazy exciting and sometimes a bit stressful day where you get to move into your brand new home! Here are a few items to make sure you are ready for the big day!


Whether this is your first move, you haven't moved in a while or you are a master of moving, here are a list of the items that should be done prior to loading up the moving truck and a few items not to do.

  • Contact your current home's insurance company with the date of closing and address for your new home or research home insurance companies if this is your first home. If financing your home, the bank will also need this information.

  • Start collecting boxes from work, friends or family to use for packing

  • Purchase a package of large permanent markers, rolls of packing tape and masking tape to be used to seal and mark boxes

  • As soon as you know your move date, inquire help from family & friends

  • If you have children or pets, is there a place for them to stay during move day

  • Book a moving company, we highly recommend The Midwest Moving Co

  • Purchase cleaning supplies and have them ready for both moving out of your old home/rental and into your new home

  • If moving out of an apartment/rental, consider hiring a cleaning service to cut down of the stress of the big day and you can start enjoying your new home sooner.

  • Probably the most daunting task besides packing is updating your address, here is a list of the most common places that will need the location of where to send your mail. Items with asterisk will also need to know the date of your move and if they will the utility at your new address. Bold items will also need to be contacted for your new address and service provider.


  • Post Office*

  • Tax Agencies

  • Social Security Office

  • Gas & Electric*

  • Phone*/Cell Phone

  • Cable and/or Internet*

  • Electric and/or Gas Utility*

  • Water Utility*

  • Renter's Insurance*

  • Your bank

  • Your employer(s)

  • Loan providers, Insurance providers

  • Doctors, Dentist, Orthodontists, Vets

  • Magazine Subscriptions

  • Clubs & Organizations

  • Schools


  • If financing your home, do not make any large purchases prior to closing day as this can affect getting your loan. This includes but not limited to vehicles, boats and furniture.


Sometimes this day seems like forever away but now that it is here, it is time to wake up early, grab that check list and a hearty breakfast and get to work. With these added tips you will be relaxing in your new home before you know it!

  • Start moving day early which might mean arranging a place for the kids and pets to spend the night the day before

  • Have a cooler of waters and sodas ready for you and any helpers. Also always nice to have grab and go breakfast/snacks ready and make sure to order in lunch to re-energize everyone!

  • Confirm time and location for final walk through and where the papers will be signed (which Title Company) and let any helpers/movers know that signing will take about 90 minutes. You will get the keys to your new home once all papers are signed. No one is allowed to move into the home until after the papers are signed.

  • Know where your bag/box of essentials are at and keep them with you

  • Have cleaning supplies ready

  • Make sure your phone is fully charged and your chargers in in the bag of essentials.

  • Make sure each party does a final walk through of your old home/rental to confirm all items have been accounted for

  • With your boxes marked with each room, your helpers will easily know where they go and in no time you will be all moved in!

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