• Amanda Wolf


First things first, what is an air exchanger anyways and why do we feel it is such an important element of our homes.

An air exchanger is simply as stated a mechanical device used to exchange the stale indoor air of your home into fresh outdoor air. This is done by pulling the outdoor air in from, you guessed it, the outdoors. The unit, often mounted in a mechanical room of the home, then exchanges the stale, polluted air of your home with the fresh outdoor air. Think of it like opening a window but with the added mechanics to help push out that unwanted air.

Over the years, all aspects of home building have improved and we are making more efficient homes that keep the unwanted weather elements out but also seals up the stale air with no way out; especially with the use of spray foam insulation. This is especially prominent through the long winter months of the midwest where we celebrate the first day of 40 degree temps by opening all the windows of our homes to grab that fresh crisp air we have been longing for.

With an air exchanger installed, you may still long for that first 40 degree day but all year round your home will have fresh air circulating throughout it. To keep your home at its peak performance, check out Operating Your Air Exchanger for Top Performance as it is best run differently in winter than summer.

We are in the business of home building but more importantly we want to build better homes for our clients that are made to withstand the elements of the midwest and also improve the quality of life. On average, a person breaths 2500 gallons of air a day and breathing continuous stale air can result in less energy and allergies. We feel an air exchangers is a must in all new builds in order to minimize indoor air pollutants, reduce indoor allergies and help with overall health and energy of our clients.

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